Water is the most powerful and leader element. It determine our life, feelings, moods. We can stop water only if it possible. Is out of control, so we need to learn how to exist with water. It learn humility. If you decide to do work with it without attention, you lose. It give you cooperation, respect. Also understanding for rhythm and definitions, mystery and secrets. I can be your guide who knows little more about water, but still make discover.

The swimming is original, classic, unexpected puzzle, elegant, sophisticated and no distracting. Its place for you, me and water… it is jealous structure. Moreover it put up opposite value of muscle and free moving. Water is the symbol, its meaning improve life. If you see it day after day I will be very satisfied.

It’s my principles of young swimming lesson:

  • Pleasure not stress

  • Motivation, because it give much more effects

  • Strength and swimming technique must be balanced

  • Muscle loosening

  • Open discussion about any problem

My soonest goals are interest in swimming, especially in Małopolska, and aware to work with element. Further goals are make world swimming champions. Any support at this goals mean much form me.